what we do

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UPOS is the first of its kind to allow user to select the interface according to their business requirement.

  • No Delay in Order Taking
  • No Delay in Order Delivering
  • No Missing of Order
  • Integrated Online Ordering
  • Streamlined Kitchen Operations
  • Improved Communication Between Staff
  • Detailed Reports


what we do

Access orders on Kitchen Display System anywhere

kitchen display system

kitchen display system KDS


KDS color-codes, display with bigger or smaller tickets, font-sizes, and appearance behavior.


Remove the clutter of tickets in the kitchen. Reduce paper expenses. Save the planet.


color-codes the orders to help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and lets staff manage incoming orders more effectively.

Reduce Ticket Times

create lower table turn times and increased throughput, so your restaurant can be more successful during peak periods.

Easy to Manage Tables & Orders priority


Easily reorder and manage tickets with simple drag and swipe gestures


Track individual item cook times and view ticket history at any time from any kitchen screen


Optimize your kitchen orders by hide, flip, undo and serve items

kitchen display system

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Smart and simple application

Web, IOS, Android

Everything you need, in one place, UPOS has been designed to meet the unique needs and specific demands of the restaurant industry. A point of sale platform powerful enough to run your restaurant